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ID: DY107 Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut Method Mix
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The Best Selling “Marine Halibut Pellets” in Method Mix form. Packed full of Super G pre-digested fishmeal, fish oils and amino and fatty acids that send Carp instantly into a feeding frenzy.
This method mix is designed to attract carp and hold them in your swim. It is easy to mix and comes off/out the feeder very quickly leaving your hook bait clearly visible for increased takes

This mix is ideal for fishing on a method feeder or on an open ended feeder and is just as effective for catching Barbel, Bream and other big fish as well as Carp.



ID: SX515 Dynamite Baits Silver X River Original
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As you''d expect, this is heavy mix that''s designed to sink quickly on flowing water. Being quite a sticky mix, it''s also ideally suited to carrying large quantities of loose particles. Basically, the more water you add (without the mix becoming sloppy), the more it will bind and faster it will sink. It''s always worth carrying a bag of Silver X River with you wherever you go because it''s the ideal addition to other groundbaits if you want to add something that will stiffen them up

ID: SX525 Dynamite Baits Silver X Specimen Original
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This is a heavy groundbait designed for the angler who is targeting big bream, tench, carp and barbel. The food content is high so those lumps will move in over the groundbait and settle - you can''t achieve this with finer mixes that don''t have the food content to hold big fish in the swim. It binds well which means you can also add plenty of loose particles of your own if you wish.