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Chub Precision Adjustable bank sticks (CSS100)

Chub have designed a comprehensive and modern range of robust stainless steel bank sticks, buzzer bars and accessories.

Manufactured from polished stainless the range has a very solid feel and will last for many years.

The Precision range is designed to be extremely versatile so whether your preferred set-up is using single bank sticks, buzz bars or goalposts then the Precision range of products will supply you with all these options.

These 2 or 3 rod adjustable sets have protective thread collars but feature extending arm extensions if a wider spread is required or when using a goalpost style set-up on large waters.

- 2 Rod: Front 7" Back 6"
- 3 Rod: Front 10" Back 12"
- 4 Rod Front 17 Back 19"


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