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Angling Intellegence Floating Weigh Sling (AIFWSS)

Chill Out" Floating Recovery Weigh Sling - £34.99
So called as fish seem to relax and ''chill-out'' in this, another innovative product that makes Angling Intelligence stand out from the crowd.

The same size as their best selling large weigh sling, but with foam surrounds to the collapsible bars, which mean the fish can be safely retained in the edge whilst the angler, sorts out his camera or photographers or even just calms down!

Anglers do it anyway, resting fish in the net on shallow gravel margins or getting people to wade in the edge with a standard sling; now it can be done safely with a product specifically made form the purpose.

features include:-
• The first ever made for purpose short term retention sling.
• Collapsible in the middle of the black fibre glass bars to ensure the product packs away as compact as possible. 50" length makes this product perfect for large fish both in the UK and overseas.
• Top quality high density foam buoyancy aids ensure the fish does not submerge the sling.
• Foam buoyancy enables easy release of fish from the sling once the side zips and top is opened.
• Houdini clips retain the zips in the closed position and Velcro and a central fastening clip ensure the fish can''t "dolphin out" of the sling.
• 5m extension cord enables the fish to swim comfortably away from the bank until it is ready to be weighed or photographed.
• Reflective strips on the top of the sling enable fish to be easily located at night.
• The highest quality design and innovation.

Angling Intelligence recommend a maximum retention time of 15 minutes, and a carp should always be returned to the water as soon as possible after capture.

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