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Chub Xtra Protection Cradle (CPC010)

The Xtra Protection Cradle is a fantastic piece of kit that has zips at each corner to create a unique fold flat design allowing the padded side panels to be stiffer and stay upright affording even more protection than the other types of mat. The new design makes transportation of the mat even easier while still retaining the complete all round protection and safety that the cradles are known for. The integral mat is extremely well padded and removable for easy cleaning. The Protection Cradle is fitted with a calming cover but now has a new feature in the shape of a roll up kneeling pad for use when unhooking or photographing. Supplied complete with carry bag, webbing straps and handles. The ultimate in fish care and protection. An extra large Euro version is also available, just right for those European monster Carp.
Dimensions 37.8" long x 23.6" wide approx.


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