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ID: GP49S010 Prowla 49 Strand Wire

This trace wire is made up of 49 individual strands of stainless steel. It is extremely soft and supple and can only be crimped, not twisted or tied. It comes in a neutral gravel brown colour, ideal for blending in with underwater environments, and has a very low diameter. Available in 30lb breaking strain, this is the ultimate wire for bait fishing for big predators as it massively aids presentation. The unique Greys wire dispenser allows you to wind any surplus back on to the spool leaving the end protruding ready for next use.

  • 30lb B/S
  • 10m Spool

ID: GP7S010 Prowla 7 Strand Wire

This wire is made up of 7 individual strands of stainless steel. Gravel brown in colour and available in a low diameter 30lb breaking strain, the wire is easily twisted or crimped when making your own traces. It is extremely durable and copes perfectly with all aspects of predator fishing. The unique Greys wire dispenser allows you to wind any surplus back on to the spool leaving the end protruding ready for next use.

  • 30lb Breaking Strain
  • 25m Spool

ID: GPATS020 Prowla Anti Tangle Tube Sinker

Prowla Anti Tangle Tube Sinker

Prowla Anti-Tangle Tube Sinkers can be fished with a float rig or on a straight ledger. Simply thread your main line through the tube, tie on your trace and pull the trace swivel into the rubber tube. This gives a semi-fixed weight and helps to prevent over wraps and tangles when fishing in deep water. The tube sinker offers a quick-change ability working in exactly the same manner as Prowla Quick Change In-Line Sinkers. Simply pop open the weight stem, slide the lead off your line, replace with the desired size, and click the stem parts back together.

  • Prevents over-wraps when fishing in deep water
  • Quick-change weight system
  • Available in 4 weight sizes
  • Olive green tubing
  • Market first

Technical Specification

  • 15, 20, 30 and 40g sizes
  • Total sinker assembly length 130mm
  • Tube diameter 2mm (i/d)
  • Weight colour - batt black

Size and Price:
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ID: GPBFS010/GPBFL010 Prowla Bait Flags

Prowla bait flags come in small or large sizes at 22mm & 35mm with 30 flags per box. They are moulded from soft and supple TPU rubber so as not to impede hooking potential. The flag should be mounted on the barbed point of a treble and slid down onto the bend. Bait flags are used primarily to give a visual striking point to a predator, but also to enable you to see which hook point is barbed - this should be the first removed when unhooking your fish. They can also be used to hold a bait in place by using 2 flags, the second being slid onto the barbed point after the bait has been mounted. Bait flags can be used with all manner of natural live, or dead baits, including fish, squid and worms.

  • Indented hooking point
  • Hooking-sure soft TPU rubber
  • Available in small or large sizes

Technical Specification

Material - Softened TPU rubber
Sizes - Small 22mm / Large 35mm

ID: GPBS015 Prowla Bait Slider

This Bait Slider is a perfect all-round float for live or dead bait fishing. It's blow moulded and sonically welded to give an ultra-strong and watertight seal. Simply thread onto your main line and set the required fishing depth using a sliding stop-knot. It's available in 4 sizes, each of which can be perfectly balanced with one of Prowla's quick change In-Line Sinkers.

weight and price:
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ID: GPBSB010 Prowla Float Stops & Beads

All you need to set a depth stop on your main line when float fishing are Prowla Float Stops & Beads. Simply thread your line through one of the wire hoops and slide a Float Stop onto your braid or monofilament. If the diameter of the float swivel or in-line tube slides over or gets stuck on the Float Stop just pop a Bead out of the handle and thread on after the Stop. There are 20 Stops and 6 Beads on each handle. The Stops grip best on breaking strains in excess of 30lb.

ID: GPCC020R Prowla Crimp Covers

This smaller size of crimp cover has 2 internal bore diameters and should be slid down to the bottom treble hook, covering the crimp and keeping the trace neat and tidy. It should be left resting on the eye of the treble to allow hook movement so as not to impede hooking potential, but can be slid down onto the shank if required. Available in red or black.

  • Double stepped bore
  • Allows hook movement
  • Supple TPU rubber
  • The larger of the 2 Prowla Crimp Covers has been designed and manufactured with an inner stepped bore giving 3 internal diameters to perfectly encase the wire, crimp, and barrel of the swivel. This creates a mini-boom effect when used at the top of a trace to prevent tangles during casting. It also improves trace presentation whilst fishing and prevents debris and weed from attaching itself to the trace.

    • Triple stepped bore
    • Creates mini-boom effect
    • Supple TPU rubber

ID: GPCP010 Prowla Crimping Pliers

These crimping pliers give a perfect finish every time. The jaw has 5 pressure points that squeeze the crimp, avoiding damage to mono or wire, whilst still obtaining the strongest hold possible. The pliers are finished in a scratch and rust resistant matt black nickel with soft touch rubber handles, come with a lanyard, and have 2 sizes of anvil to fit all Prowla crimps. They fit perfectly inside the Prowla Tool Roll with all other tools in the range.

  • Soft touch moulded rubber handles
  • 2 sizes of anvil to fit all crimps
  • Hardened stainless steel
  • Rust resistant and scratch proof
  • Matt black nickel finish
  • Prowla Lanyard included

ID: GPCT040/GPCT080 Prowla Supa Carbon Trebles

Needle pointed ultra strong Prowla treble hooks are the ultimate choice for the predator angler. Black chrome finish. Round bend. Available semi-barbed in sizes 4, 6 and 8. Also used on Prowla Snap Tackle and Paternoster Traces.

• Round bend steel
• Chemically sharpened
• Semi-barbed
• Black nickel finish

ID: GPDFS010 Prowla Dead Bait Pop-Up Float

Unlike conventional floater sticks which are made from balsa wood and need to be forced into your dead bait, Prowla Dead Bait Pop-Up Floats feature a threaded point enabling you to easily screw them into thawed or even semi-frozen baits, allowing you to change presentation and critically balance your dead baits. They must be attached to your trace with wire to avoid loss (see diagram), and are available in small or medium sizes to work with baits up to 3oz and 6oz respectively. Try leaving the red eyelet sticking out of the bait to act as a visual striking point for predators.

  • Blow moulded buoyant design
  • Screw thread head for ease of use
  • Can be used on semi-frozen baits
  • Eyelet to attach float to trace

ID: GPFUT020 Prowla Safe System Ready-Made Uptrace

Safe System Ready-Made Up Traces are ideal for use with Prowla Floats. They reduce bite-off potential and offer a quick-change facility fpr hook traces, saving valuable time on the bank.

They are made up on 150lb test mono with strong double-barreled crimps, covers and Prowla-In-Line sinkers. Simply use the correct weight of hup-trace to match your float, tie your mainline to the top swivel and attach your hook trace to the klip-link. They are 22" (56cm) long and are avilable in 15g, 20g, 30g and 40g weights

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ID: GPLNP010 Prowla Long Nose Pliers

These pliers have a long 12 inch reach with a super powerful serrated jaw. They are ideal for removing large trebles found on big lures and help keep your hands safely away from hook points. They are finished in a scratch and rust resistant matt black nickel, with soft touch rubber handles, and come with a lanyard.

  • Soft touch moulded rubber handles
  • Hardened stainless steel
  • Rust resistant and scratch proof
  • Matt black nickel finish
  • Prowla Lanyard included

ID: GPPB010 Prowla 360 Paternoster Boom

The Prowla 360 Rotary Paternoster Boom is simply a revolution in predator fishing! It allows you to fish natural baits minimizing those annoying tangles that so often occur when fishing paternoster rigs. Remove the packaging and pull the 100lb test uptrace mono through the vertical boom so the bottom swivel sits inside the rubber sleeve. Attach a weak nylon lead link to this swivel and your main line to the top after threading on your float.

Used with a Prowla Suspenda Sub Float fixed to the top swivel of the uptrace mono, the rig can be fished at any depth by adjusting the length of the weak nylon lead link. Alternatively it can be used with a standard style Prowla Bait Slider with the fishing depth being set by using a sliding stop knot and bead. Attach a Prowla Supa Paternoster trace to the boom arm swivel, which is moulded inside and along the full length of the arm and around the 360 rotary head for extra sure fish-safe security.

  • Free rotating 360 boom arm
  • Allows total movement of baits
  • Fish-safe insert moulded boom arm swivel
  • Comes tied on an 80cm uptrace
  • To be used with Prowla Supa Paternoster Trace

Technical Specifiction

  • Injection moulded with insert steel arm swivel
  • Vertical height 175mm with 2mm diameter tubing
  • Boom arm 90mm
  • 100lb mono uptrace (80cm)
  • Steel crimps 
  • Prowla Round/Diamond Eye swivel

ID: GPPUP020 Prowla Pop-up Pears

Prowla Pop-Up Pears are perfect for lifting, or critically balancing your baits, and act as a visual striking point to a predator. The eye of the stem should be attached to a length of Prowla 7 Strand Wire and pulled through your fish dead bait using a baiting needle, so that the foam pear sits in the baits mouth. Attach the opposite end of the wire to a Prowla T Snap Swivel at the end of your main line to avoid loss when playing a fish. Available in large or medium sizes with 5 pears, 5 stems and 5 sleeves per box.

  • Pear shaped EVA foam
  • Pulls neatly into the mouth of a dead bait
  • Injection molded logo embossed stem
  • Available in 2 sizes

Dimensions -

Large - 35mm x 24mm diameter
Medium - 35mm x 20mm diameter
Stem - 47mm

ID: GPRDES010 Prowla Round/Diamond Eye Swivel

Prowla strong and robust round/diamond eye swivels are perfect for connecting nylon/braid to wire when tying traces. The impressed high quality rolling barrel will help to avoid line twists and can easily cope with wire up to 100lb test. Always crimp or twist your wire to the diamond eye of the swivel.


  • Impressed barrel swivel
  • Diamond eye to lock trace wire in place
  • Up to 100lb test

ID: GPRRB010 Prowla Lead Clips and Beads

Prowla Free-Run Lead Clips and Beads offer the angler the option to quickly change leads whilst fishing. The rust resistant metal clip is made from anodised stainless steel and is insert-moulded into a logo embossed run-ring, which will not perish against the abrasion of braided lines. The large diameter provides zero resistance, essential when targeting specimen fish, and the black plastic bead acts as a buffer when sitting against a swivel or stop knot. It can easily cast up to 8oz of lead and is ideal for all forms of fishing.

  • Reinforced GFN free-run system
  • Supple TPU rubber buffer bead
  • Stainless anodised metal lead clip

Technical Specification -

Clip length - 30mm (approx)
Free run eyelet - 5.50mm diameter
Buffer swivel housing - 3mm I/D.
Buffer - O/D 7.50mm

ID: GPSC010 Prowla Side Cutters

Prowla Side Cutters have an extremely long and sturdy handle with an ultra strong powerful cutting jaw. This allows you to snip the points off the biggest of trebles meaning you can safely remove deep-hooked lures causing no damage to your fish. Manufactured from hardened chrome alloy with a rust resistant matt black nickel finish, they are the number one choice for all big fish specialist anglers.

  • Soft touch moulded rubber handles
  • Hardened chrome alloy
  • Rust resistant and scratch proof
  • Matt black nickel finish
  • Prowla Lanyard included

ID: GPSF010 Straight Forceps 10"

Finished in a scratch and rust resistant matt black nickel these 10 inch forceps have a short and powerful serrated jaw, which locks on central clamping teeth, giving you a firm grip on any hook hold making removal an easy task. The finger holes have been enlarged and rubber dipped for comfort. Available in either straight or curved jaws.

  • Straight of curved jaw
  • Enlarged rubber dipped finger holes
  • Soft touch moulded rubber handles
  • Hardened stainless steel
  • Rust resistant and scratch proof
  • Matt black nickel finish

ID: GPSLT010 Prowla Supa Lure Trace

Prowla Supa Lure Traces are made up on 7-strand 40lb wire, with triple threaded crimps. A round/diamond eye swivel allows attachment of the main line whilst the Klip-Lok Link gives plenty of room to attach the largest of lures. They are 19" in length

ID: GPSRP010 Prowla Split Ring Pliers 6" 15cm

These pliers have a special jaw that helps with the opening of split rings of any size making the changing of treble hooks a simple task! The jaws are good for squashing barbs on trebles and have a side cutter that will shear through wire, braid and mono. They are compact and fit in your pocket - always ready for use.

  • Soft touch moulded rubber handles
  • Hardened stainless steel
  • Contain wire cutter
  • Rust resistant and scratch proof
  • Matt black nickel finish
  • Prowla Lanyard included

ID: GPSSF020 Prowla Suspenda Sub Float

The Suspenda Sub Float fished with a Prowla Paternoster Boom is the perfect solution for presenting natural baits. Simply thread the float onto your main line and push the rubber tube over the top swivel of the paternoster boom uptrace. Set the fishing depth by adjusting the length of the weak nylon lead link. Alternatively you can allow the float to slide freely on your main line. Available in 3 sizes these floats will suspend all sizes of live and dead baits and are moulded from clear plastic to be unseen by predators.

  • Blow moulded and sonically welded
  • Ultra buoyant
  • Can be fished fixed or allowed to run in-line

ID: GPSSPUT020 Safe System Pop-Up Boom

This terrific new Safe System Pop-Up Boom can be used with any standard float rig to aid presentation and prevent tangles or wrap-arounds, especially in deep water. When used as a straight ledger boom it's perfect for presenting baits rigged with Prowla's Dead Bait Pop-Up Floats or Pop-Up Pears. The length and weight balance of the boom-arm keeps your main line firmly on the bottom making bite-offs virtually impossible. Prowla Safe System Pop-Up Booms are available in weight sizes from 20 to 40g, to balance perfectly with Prowla floats. They are fastened on to 150lb Safe System mono with super strong double barrelled crimps.

To use, tie your main line to the swivel on the Prowla Safe System Boom, and attach your Prowla hook trace to the T Snap. Don't forget to thread your float onto your main line first if you are fishing a float rig! If you are fishing a straight ledger always remember to tighten up after casting so your alarm will register any drop-back takes

ID: GPST020 Prowla Supa Strength Trebles

Prowla Supa Strength Trebles have been designed with the big fish specialist in mind, so if you want a fish-safe, super strong hook you need look no further. They are semi-barbed, ultra sharp, and incredibly strong - providing the peace of mind you need when playing a big fish. Available in sizes 2,

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ID: GPSV030 Prowla Super Slight Dart

This Supa Sight Dart is ultra buoyant and has visibility where you need it - just above the water. It can be seen at long range even in rough and wild water. Thread your main line through the eye of the swivel, which prevents line twist if the float spins when it's windy, and set your required fishing depth using a sliding stop knot and bead. Supa Sight Darts are available in 3 sizes each of which can be perfectly balanced with one of Prowla's quick change In-Line Sinkers.

  • Ultra buoyant and high visibility
  • Insert moulded 100lb test swivel


ID: GPTB010 Prowla Wire Blades

Prowla Wire Blades are manufactured from hardened stainless steel and can easily cut wire up to 100lb test, including 49 strand, carbon coated and Titanium. Soft-rubber, dipped and widened finger holes make these cutters very easy to use.

ID: GPTC010 Prowla Trace Crimp

Prowla Trace Crimps are soft, black coated, and at 12mm long give a perfect strong and neat finish to any wire trace. They have a large enough bore to allow wire to be passed through three times, and will fit either 7 or 49 strand wire between 20lb and 50lb breaking strains. Use with the Prowla Crimping Pliers, which has an 8mm head, to ensure an ultra-strong and fish safe trace.

ID: GPTG020 Prowla Troll Grip

The Prowla Troll Grip float has been designed to allow you to fish baits in fast flowing rivers, or behind a boat. The bent inner tube grips your line and prevents the float from being pushed towards the trace by the current if you hold back when ‘trotting' a swim. This would cause your bait to be raised upwards from the set fishing depth and is undesirable. Simply thread onto your main line and set the required depth with a sliding stop knot. Troll Grip floats are available in 4 sizes, each of which can be perfectly balanced with one of Prowla's quick change In-Line Sinkers.

  • Line-lock bent tube moulded inside float body
  • All floats balance perfectly with Prowla's quick change in-line sinkers

ID: GPTSS010 Prowla Rolling T-Snap Swivel

The Prowla Rolling T-Snap Swivel has a breaking strain of 100lb test. Tied to nylon or braided main lines or links it offers you quick change ability and is an essential part of your armoury.

  • High quality stainless steel
  • Rolling barrel prevents line twist
  • 100lb test

ID: PAC Fox Deadbait Floater Sticks

Dead Bait Floater Sticks      
Made from balsa wood, these versatile sticks can be used to pop up deadbaits. Also useful where critical balancing or slow sinking of deadbaits is essential.

Equipped with nylon eyes which allows sticks to be retrieved when unhooking pike. Using braid, tie them to the trace with a sliding five turn grinner knot for a neat set up. For bigger baits, insert two or more sticks.

ID: PAC066 Fox Twin Treble Barbed

Kwik Change Twin Treble      
Professionally hand made trace manufactured from 30lb Carbo Flex Stainless Steel Wire, incorporating 2XS Carbon Treble hooks and Lok Tight crimps. The trace is ideal for all ‘instant stike rigs’ for both live or deadbaits and comes finished with protective silicon sleeves for neatness

Hook Size:
ID: PAC068 Fox Kwik Klip Lure Trace

Kwik Clip Easy Twist Lure Trace      
Manufactured from Easy Twist Wire incorporating ‘Lok Tight’ crimps and Power swivels. The trace features our Safe-Lok link, which allows the trace to be attached directly to lures and spinners and comes finished with protective silicon sleeves for neatness.

Breaking Strien:
ID: PAC093 Fox Egg Sinkers

Kwik Change Egg Sinkers      
As conditions change, it’s often necessary to alter the weight on your pike live or deadbait rig. By using these easily changed sinkers, just remove the pin and slide them off the line, this can be achieved very efficiently saving time and trouble. There are a range of sizes to match other products in our predator product system.

ID: PAC111 Fox Bait Poppers

Bait Poppers      
Highly buoyant foam balls. Excellent for popping up both live and deadbaits. The red colour is an added attraction, provoking pike into attacking, these poppers are however resistant to pike's teeth. Connect them to your trebles using Fox Riggin Wire. A very useful presentation over weedy and silty bottoms.

ID: PAC117 Fox Ledger Stems

Ledger Stems      
Extremely useful for keeping line above bottom weed when legering. Where sensitivity to resistance is important, these are a must. Fitted with buoyant bodies, low resistance run rings and beads.

ID: PAC119 Fox Deadbait Casting clips

Deadbait Casting Clips      
Enables tough skinned baits like mackerel/eel sections to be lightly hooked. Attach them to your trace system and follow the instructions on the packet. Allows a full-blooded cast to be made without needing to bury hooks in the tough skin of the bait, thereby avoiding the risk of not being able to strike the hooks into the pike's jaw. Packed in 4s with oval split rings.

ID: PAC145 Fox Livebait Slider

Live Bait Slider      
Dumpy pear shape with the main buoyancy above the water to provide extra support for roving livebaits or trotting in running water.

ID: PAC168 Fox Drop Arm Indicator

Drop Arm Indicator      
A most effective visual bite indicator which clips to the rear rest for pike legering applications where the rig can be tightened down to. Featuring a range of clips which will suit most rear rests, a highly visible sight bobbin and an adjustable line clip.

ID: PAC169 Fox Pike Swinger

Pike Swinger      
This more advanced visual bite indicator has all the features of our Drop Arm Indicator with the addition of a sliding weight to enable the tension on the line to be balanced to prevailing conditions of undertow or current. The weight slides on a chrome finished arm making it very robust and durable.