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ID: Fox Aquos
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When you couple its low diameter with its high strength, you get a line that’s perfect for distance casting. In testing our consultants have been using the line on hard, clear waters that require a bait to be presented at distances of 150 yards and more.

• High abrasion resistant
• smooth performance casting
• crystal clear low visibility
• low stretch
• low memory

Breaking Strength:
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ID: Fox CBL007 Excocet Spod and Marker Braid
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Introducing a brand-new braided main line that is designed specifically for distance spodding and feature finding.

The Exocet is an ultra-buoyant floating braid that contains virtually no stretch, it has a very low diameter and therefore can be cast a very, very long way! The Exocet Spod & Marker Braid is available on a 300m spool.

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ID: Fox Grav Gravitron Pro Sinking Braid
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Gravitron Pro      
A new, super low diameter sinking braid supplied on 300 and 600 metre spools. Designed in conjunction with Fox’s team of leading carp consultants, Gravitron has resulted in many captures in excess of 40lb! Ian Chillcott particularly liked its low diameter for distance casting and its fast sinking properties to help reduce the chances of spooking wary carp.

The braid is virtually stretch free, ultra supple and abrasion resistant

Breaking strength:
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ID: T2653 Nash NXT D-CAM Mono
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For the last 3 years we tested and rejected lit...

Breaking Strein:
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ID: Tiger Tiger Line
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Tiger Line is a 100 % Flurocarbon line that is the most supple one on the market its not strength is increadable. Its very low in diameter, and is very smooth.



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