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ID: IQ IQ Extra soft Fluorocarbon
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Have you ever used a hook link that knew not to tangle? One of which the fish could hardly see, and one that made it more difficult than any other to eject? Open this packet and maybe for the very first time you will be.
IQ is a fluorocarbon which refracts light in almost the same way as water, making it almost invisible when immersed. It is stiffer than normal nylon so improving anti-tangle and anti-eject properties.
Team Korda have extensively field tested all breaking strains and were so impressed they were compelled to add it to the already impressive range. 10lb is ideal for finely tuned open water situations. 15lb is a superb all rounder and 25lb forms an impressive stiff link.

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ID: KMT Mouth Trap Chod Filament
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Mouthtrap has been designed to create the ultimate stiff rig in an easy, hassle-free manner. During testing there is one element that particularly stood out for the lads involved in the team – this was the fact that it is easier to manipulate than any other stiff material on the market, without the hassle of steaming over a piping hot kettle which takes up valuable fishing time and extra effort.
Due to its unique make-up and high memory, the material retains a perfect curve when formed. Consequently, it creates the perfect hinged-stiff rig or chod rig that so many of us incorporate into our angling. In other words, we have developed the BEST stiff filament out there.
Mouthtrap, which is available in 15lb, 20lb and 25lb; is finished with a natural ‘carpy’ tint that will blend in with any background, something that is the highest priority of Team Korda.
So, if you’re after a true stiff rig material that is better than anything else on the market, take a look, you won’t be disappointed!

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ID: ZRSP8 - ZRSP12B Zig-Rig Sesion pack
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Convenient, excellent value pack with all the essential items you need to create perfect zig rigs.

Zig Rigs are a devastatingly effective means of presenting an anchored buoyant bait on a long hook link well off the lake bed.

Carp spend lots of the time swimming mid-water or near the surface, especially during spells of sunny warm weather. Conventional tactics will often prove ineffective, simply because the fish are not visiting the lake bed to feed as often as we would like. When this is the case and all else fails, a small buoyant bait presented at the correct depth in the water column will often induce a bite. It’s a clever tactic and not even the most difficult, but if you’ve never tried it before this handy kit is the ideal way to get started…

The Zig Rig Session Pack contains all the specific components you will require:

  • Zig Link 20m Spool (8Ib or 10Ib) – the specialist hooklink for stealthy zig rigs.
  • 2 x each Yellow, Red, White and Black super buoyant Zig Rig Foam – a range of colours to experiment with in different situations.
  • Size 12 Mugga hooks (Pack of 10) – we know of no better hook for this kind of setup.

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