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ID: BD12 Sticky Baits Bloodworm Paste

Sticky Baits Bloodworm Paste


Designed to wrap around Sticky Biats bloodworm hookbaits or as a paste on it's own, this product contains much higher levels of soluble ingredients than Sticky Baits could get away with in the boilie itself. A quick breakdown time ensures maximum leakage, drawing attention to the area that counts.





ID: BD15 Sticky Baits Dumbells


Sticky Baits Dumbells

As used by Danny Fairbrass in the Korda Underwater series of DVDs, this range comprises of these improved conventional dumbbell shaped hookers, dumbbell shaped wafters and conventional round pop-ups. Approx 140g tub.     


ID: BF16 Sticky Baits Bloodworm Boilies

Sticky Baits bloodworm boilie

Most bait companies have a red fishmeal type bait in their range and this is our slant on it. Based on a combination of low temperature and soluble fishmeals, we have tried to keep this one as natural as possible. Specially imported crustacean extracts, blood plasma and plenty of fresh bloodworm go a long way towards achieving this. No red fishmeal is complete without the addition of robin red. The capsaicin it contains is detected by receptors that exist on a carp's lateral line. Paprika is extremely rich in capsaicin, so a naturally emulsified oleoresin has also been included to boost attractions further still.

You won't find any flavours or chemicals in this one just the optimum amount of our Hydrolysed Bloodworm Compund.

Available in 12mm, 16mm & 20mm. 1kg Bags or 5kg Bags



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ID: BL40 Sticky Bloodworm Pellet

Sticky Baits Bloodworm Pellet


This is a product that needs no introduction. One of the best selling pellets of all time. Still produced in house, we have upped the Bloodworm content and added the new Hydrolysed Bloodworm Compound. The best just got better. Available in 2.3mm or 4mm.

"The very first time I introduced Sticky Baits Bloodworm Pellets I was amazed to see the most competitive and instant feeding response I have ever seen"

Quote from Shaun Harrison Free Spirit consultant and journalist.



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ID: BS1 Sticky Baits Bag & Stick mix

Sticky Baits Bag & Stick Mix

Designed to compliment the bloodworm boilie, this product contains much higher levels of the soluble ingredients than we could get away with in the boilie itself. Dampen down with our Hydrolysed Bloodworm Compound for the ultimate in natural attraction.


1kg Bag or 3kg Bucket



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ID: DY010 Dynamite Baits Luncheon Meat
Image 1

Dynamite Luncheon Meat has been specially selected for fishing. It''s low fat content makes it fishery friendly and helps it to sink straight from the tin. With added natural attractants that prove irresistible to carp, barbel and chub. Ideal for cubing with a meat cutter.

Supplied in easy-open 340 gram tins

ID: DY107 Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut Method Mix
Image 1

The Best Selling “Marine Halibut Pellets” in Method Mix form. Packed full of Super G pre-digested fishmeal, fish oils and amino and fatty acids that send Carp instantly into a feeding frenzy.
This method mix is designed to attract carp and hold them in your swim. It is easy to mix and comes off/out the feeder very quickly leaving your hook bait clearly visible for increased takes

This mix is ideal for fishing on a method feeder or on an open ended feeder and is just as effective for catching Barbel, Bream and other big fish as well as Carp.



ID: DYBHAL Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut Pellets
Image 1

Attracts big carp more aggressively than high-oil pellets without competing with your hookbait. The Marine Halibut range is packed full of Super G predigested fishmeal, fish oils and all essential amino and fatty acids.

900 gram bags

ID: DYSC Dynamite Baits Frenzied Sweetcorn
Image 1

Specially selected Sweetcorn with added flavours and liquid attractants which send fish into a feeding frenzy.



Dynamite Baits Frenzied Sweetcorn is available in Strawberry, Scopex and Spicy varieties, in a 340g easy to open ring pull can.


ID: EIM Enterprise Immitation Maqggot
Image 1 Ideal where a slow sinking hook bait is required, eg. when fish are taking on the drop. If fishing over bottom debris or weed, a popped up or critically balanced hook bait can be achieved, by matching with an appropriate size hook.

Also useful where small fish are a nuisance, constantly tearing real maggots of the hook. Our imitation maggots work best when used with real maggots either as loose feed or in PVA bags.

Insert the hook as shown in fig 1, and slide around the bend to the position shown in fig 2. This leaves the hook bend clear to take real maggots, and does not interfere with hook penetration.

ID: EPC Enterprise Bait Cage
Image 1 Made from soft neutrally buoyant plastic that is virtually invisible in water, our Bait Cages offer the angler a new concept in bait presentation, making it possible to present baits in a way like never before. Baits such as caster and hemp can be squashed once inside the cage to release juices and oils, sweetcorn pulp can be squeezed out of its skin into the cage to produce a juicy sweetcorn ''ball''.

Boilie crumb, mini pellets, crushed tiger nuts, chopped worm, paste, liquidised or punched bread can all be used individually or mixed in the cage to give an enticing hook bait, that crayfish and small nuisance fish cannot destroy. Eight or nine large maggots will produce a writhing ball, that fish find irresistible as they get stuck trying to escape through the mesh.

Thread one of the discs onto the hair rig first before attaching the bait cage open end facing up the hair. Secure with a hair stop beneath the solid base. Once filled, slide the disc down to seal the opening.

ID: EPUSC Enterprise Pop Up Sweetcorn
Image 1 Pop-up-Sweetcorn is a buoyant rubber imitation grain of corn. It is soft enough to be used on the hook if desired, but is best when used on a hair rig along with real grains of corn, of a corresponding colour. Individual grains vary slightly in buoyancy, to allow a bait to be either critically balanced or popped up, depending upon the size and quantity of grains used. As a guide, 1 grain will just pop up 2 real grains of corn on a size 10 specimen type hook.

ID: HEMP Dynamite Baits Frenzied Hempseed

The first thing that anglers saw when they opened up the tin was that the hemp was perfectly cooked - both as feed and also as loose offerings. Something that was very hit or miss in buying frozen hemp from the tackle shop. The amount of oils left in the bait was also something that anglers got excited about as when Dynamite Baits cooked the hemp, it was cooked in the tins so all the goodness and nutritional value of the seed was contained and not lost during the cooking process.

After a while, Dynamite Baits decided to sell the hemp in larger 2.5 litre jars for the anglers that used a lot of hemp during a session, such as the Carp and Barbel angler. The jars of hemp were cooked in the same way as the tins, and because of the clear nature of the plastic jars, the anglers could see exactly what they were buying.

More recently, more and more anglers have been adding flavours or attractants to their hemp, but this could really only be done effectively at the cooking stage. Dynamite Baits realised this and added 2 flavoured hemp ranges to the already successful range - Chilli Hemp and Garlic Hemp.

With the Chilli Hemp, it is evident immediately when you look at the jar that there are flakes of real chilli peppers in the tin. With anglers such as Danny Fairbrass writing that he feels that carp like the hot flavour of the chilli, anglers sit up and listen. The Garlic Hemp has a real aroma of garlic and although garlic is not to my taste, but other anglers have been using it to great effect.

The hemp can also be used in PVA bags if mixed with a bit of dry product such as grilled hemp or fishmeal based groundbait which will absorb any moisture on the seed into the powder boosting the attraction.

UKMA have always had a fascination with hemp and hemp products, and we have all used the Dynamite Baits Frenzied range since they were first introduced. We have uptmost confidence in the tinned and jarred hemp that we have saved ourselves no end of time in not having to prepare it like we used to and don''t have to worry about the storage of sacks of hemp or very valuable freezer space - leaving more room for us to store our boilies!

ID: MLCFB Mainline Cell Frozen Boilie
Image 1

Mainline Cell Frozen Boilie

The Cell is neither milk protein, fishmeal or birdfood. In fact The Cell is not your normal everyday carp bait. It is designed to provide a protein source that is easier for carp to convert than fishmeals and birdfoods, provoking a sustained feeding response in all water temperatures.

Actively field tested over a two year period with truly outstanding results, from a company you can trust. The Cell is now ready to take carp bait technology to a new level.


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ID: mlpup Mainline pop ups
Image 1

Our Hi-Visual Pop-Up range of super buoyant baits are available in 5 different flavours and colours.

Yellow Pineapple
Red Plum
White Milky Toffee
Pink Fruit-tella
Orange Tutti-Frutti

Due to their double strength flavour boost and high visibility colours, they make for superb all year round baits but come into their own during the colder winter months.

ID: Sticky Sticky baits bloodworm pellets
Image 1

This is a product that needs no introduction. One of the best selling pellets of all time. Still produced in house, we have upped the Bloodworm content and added the new Hydrolysed Bloodworm Compound. The best just got better.

"The very first time I introduced Sticky Baits Bloodworm Pellets I was amazed to see the most competitive and instant feeding response I have ever seen"

Quote from Shaun Harrison Free Spirit consultant and journalist.

ID: SX515 Dynamite Baits Silver X River Original
Image 1

As you''d expect, this is heavy mix that''s designed to sink quickly on flowing water. Being quite a sticky mix, it''s also ideally suited to carrying large quantities of loose particles. Basically, the more water you add (without the mix becoming sloppy), the more it will bind and faster it will sink. It''s always worth carrying a bag of Silver X River with you wherever you go because it''s the ideal addition to other groundbaits if you want to add something that will stiffen them up

ID: SX525 Dynamite Baits Silver X Specimen Original
Image 1

This is a heavy groundbait designed for the angler who is targeting big bream, tench, carp and barbel. The food content is high so those lumps will move in over the groundbait and settle - you can''t achieve this with finer mixes that don''t have the food content to hold big fish in the swim. It binds well which means you can also add plenty of loose particles of your own if you wish.


ID: VF12 Vortex Boilie Range

New for 2011 the 'Vor-tex' is really starting to make a name for itself. This Maple and Fenugreek combo has been devastating during field testing and is set to become an all-time classic


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