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Dynamite Baits Frenzied Hempseed (HEMP)


The first thing that anglers saw when they opened up the tin was that the hemp was perfectly cooked - both as feed and also as loose offerings. Something that was very hit or miss in buying frozen hemp from the tackle shop. The amount of oils left in the bait was also something that anglers got excited about as when Dynamite Baits cooked the hemp, it was cooked in the tins so all the goodness and nutritional value of the seed was contained and not lost during the cooking process.

After a while, Dynamite Baits decided to sell the hemp in larger 2.5 litre jars for the anglers that used a lot of hemp during a session, such as the Carp and Barbel angler. The jars of hemp were cooked in the same way as the tins, and because of the clear nature of the plastic jars, the anglers could see exactly what they were buying.

More recently, more and more anglers have been adding flavours or attractants to their hemp, but this could really only be done effectively at the cooking stage. Dynamite Baits realised this and added 2 flavoured hemp ranges to the already successful range - Chilli Hemp and Garlic Hemp.

With the Chilli Hemp, it is evident immediately when you look at the jar that there are flakes of real chilli peppers in the tin. With anglers such as Danny Fairbrass writing that he feels that carp like the hot flavour of the chilli, anglers sit up and listen. The Garlic Hemp has a real aroma of garlic and although garlic is not to my taste, but other anglers have been using it to great effect.

The hemp can also be used in PVA bags if mixed with a bit of dry product such as grilled hemp or fishmeal based groundbait which will absorb any moisture on the seed into the powder boosting the attraction.

UKMA have always had a fascination with hemp and hemp products, and we have all used the Dynamite Baits Frenzied range since they were first introduced. We have uptmost confidence in the tinned and jarred hemp that we have saved ourselves no end of time in not having to prepare it like we used to and don''t have to worry about the storage of sacks of hemp or very valuable freezer space - leaving more room for us to store our boilies!


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