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Enterprise Bait Anchor (EBAN)


The Bait Anchor is available in two different designs, a standard version to fish a bait directly off the back of the hook (great for floaters), and a hair rig version. The hair version comes in two lengths to suit 14mm and 18mm boilies, both have a 10mm long hair that is relatively stiff to make bait rejection difficult, but can be also be stretched slightly to produce a more supple hair if required.

Both designs are available in a starter pack along with a 2.5mm stainless steel handle bait drill, length of silicon tube for attaching the hair version, and full instructions on use. Each design is also sold separately in packs of 12, again with full instructions, and silicon tube with the hair version. 

The drill supplied with the starter pack is larger than a standard nut/boilie drill, and is for use specifically with the Bait Anchor when any hard bait is required to be used. However softer baits like luncheon meat can be used without the need for the drill. Simply push the stem of the Anchor through the meat until the Anchor arms spring out. 

Both designs of Bait Anchor do away with the need for fiddly hair stops, and can be attached to the hook in seconds. The hair version requires no knots, and is easily fitted to any hook with a small piece of silicon tube provided. It can be just as quickly removed, should the angler wish to change his presentation.


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